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10 Nutrition vs. Fact Filters

Picture of a magnifying glass with the words: Fact vs. Fiction: 10 Nutrition Information Filters.

Use these 10 nutrition fact vs. fiction filters before sharing social media posts, giving talks, writing articles, or following nutrition recommendations.

Promoting or following inaccurate nutrition information can:

  • Waste time and/or money
  • Be unsafe if the information proves harmful
  • Delay needed treatment if trying to cure a health problem with misinformation
  • Damage your professional credibility if you’re a professional nutrition communicator

Apply the following 10 “fact vs. fiction filters” for nutrition information sources.

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Basic Grocery List: Why and How to Include Milk, Cheese and Yogurt

My basic grocery list includes milk, cheese and yogurt. They also are on my list of “Basic Kitchen Foods for COVID-19 Times. Their nutrition, versatility and storage options make them key foods in my kitchen. 

“National Dairy Month” is a perfect time to recognize these protein-, calcium- and overall nutrient-rich dairy foods.

Following are some of my favorite quick recipes for milk, cheese and yogurt. I try to serve some form of these foods three times a day as recommended by USDA MyPlate guidelines for the Dairy Group.  

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