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10 Ways I Limited Grocery Shopping to Once Every 3 weeks

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Like many people, my husband and I are still uncomfortable about venturing out very much during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, here are 10 ways I limited grocery shopping to once about every 3 weeks using the following strategies and sample recipes. There are just the two of us and we have one average sized refrigerator/freezer. Larger families without additional refrigerator/freezer space may need to shop more often. While you may prefer to shop more, it is comforting to know it is possible to go less often or spend less time between major shopping sessions. 

Buying “mix-and-match” groceries from my “Basic Kitchen Foods for COVID-19 Times” assured I had a sufficient supply of foods that maintain their safety and quality longer than others. These 10 tips helped me fine tune how I used them for tasty meals throughout the 3 weeks … 

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Basic Grocery List: Why and How to Include Milk, Cheese and Yogurt

My basic grocery list includes milk, cheese and yogurt. They also are on my list of “Basic Kitchen Foods for COVID-19 Times. Their nutrition, versatility and storage options make them key foods in my kitchen. 

“National Dairy Month” is a perfect time to recognize these protein-, calcium- and overall nutrient-rich dairy foods.

Following are some of my favorite quick recipes for milk, cheese and yogurt. I try to serve some form of these foods three times a day as recommended by USDA MyPlate guidelines for the Dairy Group.  

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No Recipe Required Smoothie

No recipe is required to make this delicious smoothie! (Photo by Alice Henneman)

No need to get out a recipe to make this delicious smoothie!


For each smoothie, just add 1/2 cup of each of the following to a blender:

  • Milk or fruit juice
  • Yogurt (any flavor)
  • Frozen fruit (small pieces of fruit, such as berries, cherries, sliced peaches)

Preparation Tips:

  1. Add the liquid first, followed by the yogurt and ending with the yogurt.
  2. Blend until smooth. Thicken by adding more frozen fruit; thin by adding more milk or fruit juice.
  3. Taste and if desired, mix in about about a teaspoon of sugar or honey at the end.