About Me

Hi, I’m Alice Henneman and a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). I retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension (UNL) in 2018 followed by a “gap year” to complete personal projects (like recycling the things my husband and I no longer need … believe me, I had accumulated a lot as I keep seeing possibilities in almost everything for someone!).

messy office and clean office

Using my post-retirement home office as my “command and control center” to sort out what I still wanted to keep in my life and what to recycle.

I’m an advocate of “culinary nutrition” and believe in using recipes to promote healthy eating. I’m guessing not many of you want to hear a lecture on nutrition but might like a recipe or suggestion for a healthy food choice.

For day to day eating, I like to keep it simple. I stick to foods that can be quickly and easily prepared from common ingredients you probably have on hand. I’ll be sharing some of these recipes.

While working at UNL, I created a food-related website and recruited a team that together grew it to the 3rd most visited website at UNL. Since my retirement, I’ve continued to want to make a difference in people’s lives through helping them eat healthier. Food and nutrition was my profession and continues to be my passion! I reactivated this blog with the advent of COVID-19.

I will probably post no more than once a month when I feel I have something to say that you might want to hear.

P.S. If you really want to hear about my publications, awards, presentations, etc., view my vitae here.

Questions or comments? Contact me!