Enjoy a Walking Food Tour!


New York City Walking Food Tour (Photo by Alice Henneman)

A fun way to see a city, get a meal and toss in some exercise is through a walking food tour! They’re often priced around $50. This may sound like a lot of money at first, but for the money, you get:

  • Samples of some of the tastiest foods in the area, served up especially for you … they’re often sufficient to replace a meal,
  • A guide who can get you immediately into unique and interesting food places,
  • A chance to walk off some of the calories even while you are consuming them and
  • A fun way to connect with others in an area.

I often begin by looking up recommendations for tours on Trip Advisor.

Here’s a movie I made of a recent 3-hour walking food tour with my husband, David Palm, in NYC…



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  • Sorry to see you go, but I will be following your blog.
    I will be retiring in June and look forward to have time to go on adventures like this.
    Best of luck!

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